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The Alabama Coalition on Black Civic Participation is a state affiliate to the national organization. The ACBCP was founded in 1995 and is a 501c4 non-profit organization. ACBCP follows the same principles as its national organization. The National Coalition on Black Civic Participation is a 501©3, non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to increasing civic engagement and voter participation in Black and underserved communities. The National Coalition strives to create an enlightened community by engaging people in all aspects of public life through service/volunteerism, advocacy, leadership development and voting. The National Coalition was founded on May 6, 1976. For nearly 40 years, The National Coalition has served as an effective convener and facilitator at the local, state and national levels of efforts to address the disenfranchisement of underserved and other marginalized communities through civic engagement including:

  • Non-Partisan Voter Empowerment Organizing and Training

  • Young Adult Civic Leadership Development

  • Promoting Women’s Health, Wellness and Girls Issues

  • Grassroots organizing and issue education

  • Disaster recovery and rebuilding Initiatives for Katrina- Rita survivors in the Gulf Coast and other communities across the country

The National Coalition has a national membership of organizations representing a diverse constituency base including civil rights, labor, and business organizations; fraternities and sororities; women, youth, educators, faith leaders, public policy makers, researchers and others. The National Coalition adopted a year-round civic engagement program structure in 2003 and has established twelve (12) state-based affiliates and networks to maximize its ability to increase Black civic engagement and voter participation on a year-round basis.


The National Coalition strives to create an enlightened community by building institutional capacity at both the national and local levels that provides and develops African American leadership. By educating, organizing and mobilizing citizens in our communities, the Coalition seeks to encourage full participation in a barrier-free democracy. Through educational programs and leadership training, the Coalition works to expand, strengthen and empower our communities to make voting and civic participation a cultural responsibility and tradition.



Vision Anchor

The National Coalition envisions a nation in which all people, from youth to seniors, have the tools to participate fully in the democratic process at the local, state, national and global levels. By continuing to lead the fight to eliminate barriers to civic participation, the Coalition will promote greater social and economic justice to enhance the quality of African American life.

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